Project ‘Wonderland’

opera_coat_wonderlandOpera coat shot by Nick Knight

Project ‘Wonderland’ is a result of collaboration between the artist and fashion designer Helen Storey and the scientist Tony Ryan, ‘Wonderland’ uses fashion as a ‘trojan horse’ to progress a radical, two-year exploration into biodegradable materials. Storey constructed collection of six dresses chemically fabricated specifically to ‘disappear’, over time in water. The Disappearing dresses are made from textiles developed by Trish Belford and team at Interface, University of Ulster. They dissolve on contact with water. each dress ‘behaves’ differently as it is submerged. Using fashion as a metaphor, the dresses symbolise our disappearing world and have triggered a broad dialogue with diverse audeiences around shared habits of consumprion and waste.

In order to elucidate the collision of fashion and science in ‘Wonderland’ the model Alice Dellal was shot by Nick Night in a film short showing the dissolve of one of the outfits dissappearing from her body in seconds.




Project ‘Wonderland’ has been nominated for the British Insurance design Award 2009 in ‘fashion’ category.


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