Raf Simons videos

Knowing about Raf Simons 15th anniversary I decided to have a look at the videos of his previous collections (especially the early ones) since for me video captures the spirit of collection better than editorial or runway photos. So here are a few screenshots from my favourite Raf videos:

Raf Simons aw9596 collection (first)

Raf Simons aw9697- We only come out at night- pt1/pt2

Raf Simons aw9798- pt1/pt2 – pictures are a bit blurry but the video is worth a look

Raf Simons ss02- Woe onto those who spit on the fear generation…The wind will blow it back

Raf Simons- ‘I feel’ video– based on the ‘All shadows and deliverance’ aw0506 collection

Raf Simons- ‘ss10 Fitting’- video by Pierre Debusscherept1/pt2


  1. i was watching some early collections recently on stylecom and realised they are terrible from the point of show/collection atmosphere. soo dull!

    • I don’t get what collections do you mean, there was quite interesting presentation of his ss04 in the garden as well as, for example, aw07 runway – with cinetic sculpture and great light and raf’s shows always have amazing soundtracks which create a special atmosphere at his shows (as far as I can judge by videos))

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