Moscow. Protection.

The exquisite editorial from the winter’s issue of POP magazine. Again perfect Russian photoshoot made by foreign photographer (Hellen van Meene) and stylist(Vanessa Reid). The one photo I love more than the others – where the black leather of the sofa was rhymed with the black puffa jackets worn by the models. And there is one photo I don’t really like – with a Brezhnev portrait because it’s too obvious, to put something like that on the background just to make it look ‘soviet-russian’ but apart from that I think that the photoshoot are truly amazing – so fragile, sublime and sophisticated. And so Russian) Though there is not a single button there by the Russian designers.

Oh, and I like when there are pieces from the past collections (but not vintage) used in the photoshoot because I think that it contributes to the idea that clothes should last more than just one season, it’s so cool to wear something for a long time and have a certain memories attached to a certain pieces. And it’s interesting to see how some old garments could be mixed with the new ones. Like here – the archive pieces from Margiela, Chalayan or Westwood worn together with the latest Prada, Burberry and Balenciaga.

Nice take on ‘matryoshka look’)


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