Future is now-now-now)

I just had my very first time with ZBrush – the digital sculpting software. It’s been a while since I started wondering about different 3D programs – I was always fascinated by all these future-technologies staff so decided to try to learn one of the programs and see what I could do with it) Couple of weeks ago I tried Sculptris, free and relatively simple 3D sculpting software. After a few days of using it I became quite familiar with it’s interface and tools so I decided to go for a next level and tried to make something in ZBrush.

So here are my first attempts at creating some 3D – actually I should wait till my new graphic tablet will be delivered but I couldn’t resist) So I’ve made something – not sure how to describe it). The strange headpiece was made in seconds, while the actual ‘work’ was done on the features of the face – nose, ears, forehead, cheekbones etc. because the basic model looks quite unattractive and has not very well detailed features and fine proportions. By these first bits you could definitely see that Star Wars/Babylon 5 seen in my childhood had somehow affected my tastes) Now I’m just excited to learn how to make fine details, different surfaces and textures, and everything else.


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