Natalia Gosteva







  1. Hi,

    Came across your site through some/things mag
    whom I’m shooting with in my studio in the lower east side,
    amidst photographic materials, installations and coffee spills:

    Thanks and hope you are well.


  2. you are beauty itself.shimmering beauty in the depths of my desperate mind,moonlight ray bleeding through the magic crystal of my darknight soul,lucidity in my chaotic dreams.thank you for inspiration.you are infinite
    p.s can you please tell me where are the stills from
    i know only some of them.make my day

    • god! (blushing) thank you!

      actually I’m quite surprised that you come here from my old lj blog – I hadn’t posted there for years
      anyways, here’s the list of films (according to their order in the post):

      the last of england – derek jarman
      the village of the damned – wolf rilla (this one has very funny posters)
      the corpse that didn’t want to die (or blood fest or the lady in red kills seven times) – antonio miraglia
      last year in marienbad – alain resnais
      prikosnoveniye (the contact) – albert mkrtchyan -a stunning horror film though I suppose it’s quite hard to find it with english subs, cause it’s rare film even in russian
      a swedish love story – roy andersson 1970 (cause there is another swedish film with similar title but made in 1977)
      the effect of gamma rays on man-in-the-moon marigolds – paul newman (brillant joanne woodward)
      the addiction – abel ferrara (one of my favourite films ever – deep and intellectual with lots of black humor – a satire on zombie and vampire movies, with brilliant performance (esp. christopher walken). I’ve already watched it a few times and I’m sure I will watch it again and again))
      seven dead in the cat eye – antonio margheriti (a bit trashy horror – nothing special except young jane birkin)


      • oh,what a thorough answer.you’re very attentive.and for me it’s not hard to find prikosnoveniye because i’m russian)
        blagodaru Natalie*

    • huh) you’re welcome
      then why in english?)
      *for some reason wordpress didn’t allow me to reply to your answer directly

      • просто решила на английском написать.как-то легче..особенно первое сообщение)

  3. Наташа, из моей головы несколько лет не выходят “цитаты из рецензий советских кинокритиков на фильм алена рене “В прошлом году в мариенбаде”. Поделись пожалуйста источником, я видимо не на той дороге в его поисках.

    • привет, я сама конкретный источник не знаю, мне тогда эти цитаты друг прислал) может быть он их взял, например, из “сеанса” – тогда их может не быть в интернете

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