Feathers and layers

Now it’s time for a serious glamour: two gowns from Olivier Theyskens’s first collection for Nina Ricci (from French Vogue). Personally I prefer his works for his own label and Rochas. He was gorgeous at Nina Ricci, but his first collections seemed a bit incoherent and the last ones too showy to my own liking. Also I think that there wasn’t such strong and refined image behind his Nina Ricci collections in comparison to his previous works. Anyway Theyskens is extremely talented – just look at these two photos:

Brutalität in stein

Stills from short film by Alexander Kluge and Peter Schamoni- ‘Brutality in stone‘, 1961- an exploration of Nazi period through its architecture which was a physical embodiment of power and strength of Nazi’s political system as well as a silent bystander of all the cruel events that marked this period.

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