Ideal house


Danchi hutch by Japanese architect Yoshihiro Yamamoto. Simplicity, simplicity…

Danchi-Hutch-by-YYAA_2sq Danchi-Hutch-by-YYAA_3sq Danchi-Hutch-by-YYAA_4 Danchi-Hutch-by-YYAA_5 Danchi-Hutch-by-YYAA_6


Flying city

‘Flying city’, russian architect Georgy Krutikov’s graduate project, 1928.

It reminds me of the Soviet science fiction 0f 30s-40s ( esp. Belyaev’s ‘Jump into the void’), Zamyatin’s dystopia ‘We’ and Svift’s the flying island of Laputa. But most of all I like the boldness of ‘the flying city’ project – to think of such things when even simple air flight was a huge risk.

Brutalität in stein

Stills from short film by Alexander Kluge and Peter Schamoni- ‘Brutality in stone‘, 1961- an exploration of Nazi period through its architecture which was a physical embodiment of power and strength of Nazi’s political system as well as a silent bystander of all the cruel events that marked this period.

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Department store, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1955- Marcel Breuer