sterling ruby exhibition in london, april 2013







Pump up the volumes

That famous Comme des Garçons ss97 collection. Photography Kishin Shinoyama, art-direction Tsuguya Inoue, Six magazine, 1997

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Medieval tech

Quite paradoxically I’m equally fascinated by something medieval/antique and something technological/futuristic. As well as I like something visually very raw/chaotic/eclectic and something very minimalistic, even plain, to the point where there are no references at all, even the slightest. I wonder where’s the cross point.

Beauty in lines

Here’s my new fascination – works by Tsuguharu Foujita, especially his ink portraits and nudes. I like their exquisite, sinuous lines, pearlescent colors, beautifully disproportioned faces and bodies. He knew well what exactly he liked and could picture it perfectly, with a unique combination of eastern and western techniques and aesthetics. Hope one day I could get something from Jil Sander s/s 2010 collection featuring Foujita’s works. I remember how at first I didn’t like it at all probably because it was quite far from the style which I used to associated with mr. Simons but soon after the runway show the collection started to grow on me and now I consider it to be one of the Raf’s best for JS menswear.

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