Exploding eyepieces

Boudicca aw 2005-06 – Animate – ‘exploding’ eyepieces.

Right on the border of make-up and accessory there are these amazing cyber-eyelids with aggressively exploding crystallized eyelashes. A perfect example of what I might call a punk luxury. A flower of frozen needles. There’s something harsh and violent about it but at the same time it looks so elegant and high-class. Thanks to this feature models look like heroines of some sci-fi blockbuster. As it is always with Boudicca I wonder from where the idea came, because with this designer duo there’s always some reference hidden in every detail.

Cake Off #3

so this Halloween was a grand fun as I was at the Boudicca Cake competition. Unlike the previous year this time I made a real cakes and I guess I should stay within my illustration skills-  my berry tarts looked like a total disaster (too much icing)) although they were taasty. And I put the names of my favorite horror films on it in tiny sugar letters. All in all it was really lovely- cakes, vodka, The Smiths and Fever Ray, and lots of  wonderful people.