The new tribes

For quite a while now I’m very into ethnic jewelry – heavy, intricate and meaningful. I want to be clad head to toe in these chains, pendants, necklaces, headpieces, bracelets etc. like an ancient statue from a hindu temple. Also I’m thinking a lot about that Balenciaga fw0708 collection. Seems to me that it’s time for cyber-ethno to be back again sending a new fashion tribes along the runways (sounds so cliche – maybe I read too much runway reviews)). On a side-note: silver and piercing is also very 90s which adds to their cool factor because right now this fashion decade gets a lot of attention from the designers and stylists.

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Young hunting

Young hunting Lot I ‘A series of rings and pendants that are raw, tooled and cut rough by hand, resemble crystal mountains and illusory weapons. Heavy rocks of .925 are finished to a high polish, and juxtaposed against oxidized black. The sombre colour palette of silver .925 and black natural forms of jet crystal and black obsidian are interspersed with the blues and purples from carved pieces of paua shell.’

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Anna Schwamborn- ‘Mourning objects’

mourningobjects8Anna Schwamborn- ” Mourning objects’- jewellery made from human hair and dead people’s ash ( mixed with highest quality black bone china). There are a rosary, a necklace and a watch chain tear catcher- ‘these objects are supposed to be worn close to the body of the mourner symbolizing a lasting physical connection between two individuals even after death’. I think it’s not that weird as it may seem, just remember those relics jewellery of Medieval ages and hair  jewellery of 19th century.

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