Man Machine

hadn’t check her works for quite some time and was surprised by her few last collections- good tailoring and immaculate details (though Ploier‘s Messenger and 3D was the her best collections for me).

also I always like the way she presents her work on the web – below are elegantly twisted looks from fw2010 collection Man Machine, industrial take on the type of fashion photography which concentrates on capturing the most impressive silhouettes and lines

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It seems that I have a thing for video lookbooks. First, it was bstore ss08 ‘odds on’ , then- Sopopular aw09, not so long ago I saw those ‘I feel’ movie featuring Raf Simons aw0506 (although it’s not clearly a ‘lookbook’ but still), and finally this ss10 Blank presentation. All of them look very simple and effortless, nevertheless fascinating. I guess at least for me it’s all about those small gestures, slightly moving fabrics, blinking, glances etc, which create a world of otherwise hidden details.

When I wrote this post I suddenly remembered mesmerizingly beautiful Warhol’s screentests. These video lookbooks in some sense present the same idea of a person being a microcosm into itself.

And a beautiful homage to the original ones- created by the MacKenzie Art Gallery:

For me it’s like some kind of video minimalism there is no plot, no action, no talk, no decorations, and only one aim- to look and absorb every tiny detail.

Norwegian rain

I’m quite confident that if the brand focuses on producing the only one type of product it is definitely of best quality be it shoes, bags, shirts or whatever. In most cases it’s about those traditional brands with a great history but there are new projects with similar position and one of them is Norwegian rain. Producing only rainwear this brand brilliantly proves my statement because the collection seems to be perfectly thought-out, mixing traditional men’s tailoring with the best rain-protection technologies. Made from eco-friendly materials, each item consists of three layers- a highly water-repellent outer shell, a waterproof and breathable membrane and a satin lining; all seams are heat-sealed . As for the the visual impression, here we have a precious cut, great silhouettes, delicate colour palette and  perfect details. These coats are the best rain-protection I could imagine.

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sp1 aSopopular is a fresh new German menswear label producing clothes with classic cuts and slim silhouettes broken up with angular streetwear elements and futuristic design details. There is also amazing video ‘lookbook’ for current collection on site.


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Casely-Hayford aw 0910


Casely-Hayford is a menswear design partnership consisting of father and son- Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford.

Joe and Charlie joined forces in 2007 to create a menswear label. The brand phylosophy is based around the idea of what Casely-Hayford calls a ‘darkened aspiration’. Duality is at it’s core, combining English heritage with British Anarchy and Savile Row tailoring methods with modern day sportswear.

The first collection of menswear, shoes and accessories  launched in the spring/summer 2009 season.

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