Alpha Industries MA-1 distressed bomber jacket.

love everything about it: crinkled surface, wrinkled seams, bleached colors, damaged zip and tiny holes in the knitted hem, cuffs and collar. also I like the color palette of these photos – hues of greyish green/khaki, silver zip, dark blue of some t-shirt (?) underneath the jacket and even the bright orange silky lining (and usually I hate orange), plus this strangely tender powder pink background.  and textures … well, I could go on and on). all I wanted to say is that it’s just another one great example of ‘the beauty of imperfections’ theme which so fascinates me.

p/s still under the spell of re-read Gibson, guess it’s again resonated with my current state of mind/lifestyle

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The discreet charm of uglyness

vest1I’m fucking tired of all those runaway photos, fashionable outfits, Jak&Jil eye-candies, to-die-for accessories, must haves, it-bags,  killer heels etc. I want clothes to be basic, simple and nonchalant, even ugly in a worn out sort of way,  with faded colors and deformations from a long-term wear, with holes, spots and defects.

Ужасно надоели фото с показов, модные образы, услаждающие взгляд фото Jak&Jil, убийственные аксессуары, хиты сезона, хищные каблуки и т.д. Хочется простых, базовых вещей, небрежности, даже в какой-то степени уродливости- выцветших красок, вытянутых локтей, дыр, зацепок, дефектов.

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